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We offer new, used, and thoroughly reconditioned turbochargers.
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Always consider the reasons why your turbo may be in need of repair or replacement. (…) Fitting and start-up of a turbocharger.

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Our equipment

Our first-class equipment for balancing and regeneration
of turbochargers from Schenck is characterized by high measuring accuracy and efficiency.picture

Our high-speed balancing machine from CIMAT guarantees precise balancing of core assemblies, so that our turbochargers are quiet and more picture resistant to heavy workloads.

The TurboTest device from CIMAT for gauging performance and flow can be used for precise picturemeasurements of turbocharger performance and adjustment of variable-geometry during operation.

Our expertise

Our team is experienced, highly qualified responsible, reliable, and flexible, which allows us to fully satisfy the needs of our customers, domestic and foreign alike. How do we work?

Check out our comments on Allegro – we have nothing not hide!picture


Our support


We are proud to inform you that one of our turbochargers was used in a Formula Student 2014 racecar. Please visit or:


We also support Rafał in his struggles on the dirt track :) picture



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"Remember - a turbocharger is a part of the engine, and it plays a very important part. A faulty turbocharger may cause damage to the engine,and if the engine is not operating properly, it may damage the turbocharger. Lack of lubrication, an overly low level of oil, failure to change the oil for too long, as well as dirt or filings suspended in it – all these factors may cause damage to the bearings and cause the rotating assembly to seize up. Turning off a hot engine too soon causes oil charring and carbon deposits in the turbocharger's lubrication system – over time the lubrication channels become clogged with carbon and the entire system seizes up due to lack of lubrication. In extreme cases, turning off a very hot engine leads to swelling of the material and breaking of the shaft, which is why it is advisable to wait for a few minutes to let the engine cool down before turning it off. "

Turbochargers – Międzychód, Dzięcielin. F.H. HERMES


Welcome to our website. We offer new, used and thoroughly reconditioned turbochargers. Each of our used turbochargers passes a rigorous review, which is why we have full confidence in the goods we sell. Reconditioning of turbochargers in our company is always performed in the same way: first a turbo is stripped down and disassembled into its component parts, then all the parts are washed and cleaned, all worn-out parts are replaced with new ones, and then the unit is put together. The CHRA (Core Assembly Unit) is balanced on top class equipment made by Schenck, and fine balancing is carried out on a high-speed balancing machine from CIMAT. pictureDepending on your needs, we can spin the turbocharger up to 250 000 rpm. The turbocharger is then reassembled, and the variable geometry (if available) is adjusted. For adjusting the variable nozzle geometry we use the latest TurboTest device from CIMAT. Thanks to this and thanks to our extensive experience, we provide high quality services.

pictureOur quality guarantee

With our extensive experience, the use of high quality spare parts and specialized testing devices, we can guarantee the highest level of service.

We grant a warranty for all the turbochargers on our offer:

  • for passenger cars – 12 months,
  • for delivery vehicles and trucks – 6 months.


We repair turbos from such manufacturers as:

BorgWarner, Garrett, Holset, Mitsubishi, Toyota, IHI Turbo

We use highest quality replacement parts produced by:


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